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Cambridge Exams


The educational programme is taught in English. However, all students study French at levels ranging from beginners to first-language speakers. The Français Renforcé programme is designed to challenge our speakers of French as a first language. Children may also take additional private language lessons with our native-speaking teachers. Outside the classroom, children benefit from being immersed in a French/English bilingual school community located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The children are presented with many opportunities to practice their language skills informally around school, locally and on school trips.


La Garenne students study French from Reception class upwards. Depending on their level, students may take an international examination to validate their language skills. They find this very exciting and motivating.






Cambridge Exams

La Garenne is proud to be a Preparation Centre for the Cambridge English Language Examinations. The children are given official Cambridge placement tests and the placed in classes appropriate to their level. The external examinations are taken in May/June and the students receive their results during the summer.


The Cambridge English for Schools range of exams is specially designed to make learning English fun and motivating for school-aged learners.


Covering all four-language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – the exams can help your child:

  • Improve in English and get better marks at school
  • Understand books, television, films, songs, the internet and other media in English
  • Make friends around the world
  • Travel the world
  • Study at university or college, either at home or in another country
  • Get a job and use English at work, either in your country orabroad.


We believe that these exams help prepare the students for their chosen secondary school and for their bright futures.

  • Students want studying for qualifications to be challenging and enjoyable – this gives them excellent preparation for success in their next steps in education or work.
  • The qualification has international value and is recognized by many universities and employers.


At La Garenne, the children are all assessed at the beginning of the school year and placed in a class suitable for their level of English. The Cambridge course runs alongside the daily English lessons.  Each week they work towards gaining a qualification at the end of the year in one of the following exams:


  • Young Learners (YLE)
    • Starters
    • Movers
    • Flyers
  • Key English Test (KET) for Schools
  • Preliminary English Test (PET) for Schools
  • First Certificate in English (FCE) for Schools
  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)


We are very proud of our students, who exceed themselves every year and achieve excellent results even in the higher levels, aimed at older people, for example the FCE and the CAE examinations. We are happy to announce that last year we had a 95% passing rate as shown in the graphs below:



ket pet fce cae 15 16     yle 15 16 





DELF French Language Diploma

The French Ministry of Education awards the DELF French Language Diploma solely to foreign candidates whose mother tongue is not French.  It provides official certification of proficiency, practice and mastery of the French language and is equivalent to the Cambridge English examinations. DELF is issued "for life" and recognised globally.


Students from Year 5 and above with sufficient competence are entered for one of the first two levels of the DELF exam (A1 and A2). Each level is split according to age i.e. primary for those under twelve or junior for those over twelve years of age.


Student selection is based on the November school exam results. The official tests are usually held in May at an external centre.  Our students are the youngest participants in the canton of Vaud – a fact which often impresses the examiners and other external candidates.


Since 2015 some 60 La Garenne students have passed the DELF exam, amounting to a 100% success rate. This is a great opportunity for La Garenne students - especially as it culminates with a certificate. Our students, their parents and the educational team involved are justly proud of their achievements.


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