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Curriculum - Middle School



MYP Curriculum

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is accessible for the vast majority of learners. It stretches the most able, while supporting those who are still to reach the level of their peers. The components cross all subject areas, enabling students to shine in their favourite subjects.


Service as Action

The compulsory 'Service as Action' component enables students to develop a deeper sense of their place in the world. It provides wonderful opportunities for experiential learning through real-world interactions with real people. Examples of Service as Action projects:
  • Helping out at the La Garenne farm
  • Taking part in a charity fun-run
  • Making posters to raise awareness of healthy eating habits
  • Travelling to a developing country to help build a school


The Learning Showcase

In MYP 1-3, the students plan and deliver a Secondary Learning Showcase at the end of the first and second terms. These collaborative projects provide a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn team-work and media skills. Not only are these events a celebration of students’ teamwork and learning, but also an excellent opportunity to practise speaking in front of an audience. Examples of Secondary Learning Showcases:
  • Organising a social media campaign
  • Creating and presenting an interactive booth
  • Pitching solutions to support UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Curating an art/design/information exhibition


The Personal Project

MYP 4 and MYP 5 students undertake a long-term assignment to reflect upon and summarise their learning during the five years of their MYP studies. Students are encouraged to investigate an area which links to other taught subjects. The Personal Project is a compulsory component and examples include:
  • Inventing, designing and building a new object or system
  • Devising, conducting and reporting an original science experiment
  • A piece of extended creative writing
  • An extended research project into an original area of study


Independent Study

Independent study is an essential part of the learning process. It enables students to consolidate or review ideas, prepare for future classes and develop organisational skills. It also gives students the opportunity to work independently of the teacher and to self-motivate. Independent study is set every week for all academic subjects.



Students in MYP 1-4 are graded at the end of each topic. For MYP 5, assessments are carried out throughout the academic year with mock exams in March and exam practice at weekends. Formal exams take place in June at the end of MYP 5, with the MYP Certificate of Participation awarded to successful students. The grades obtained in these exams are used to recommend study options for students who are progressing to the IB and High School Diploma Programmes.


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