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La Garenne's Sports Halle

LA GARENNE'S NEW SPORTS HALL Stepping stones to our new phase:
- Secure funding
- Start construction work in April 2021, with an estimated build time of 14 months.
- Opening of the building September 2022
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La Garenne's New Sports Hall

At La Garenne we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Competitive sports and recreational exercise, when established at an early age, can become lifelong habits. Developing a child`s enthusiasm for sport and exercise encourages many other positive attributes that can lend itself to a variety of areas of a students school life and beyond.   Becoming a team player, good sportsmanship, working collaboratively, building resilience and developing individual goals that push their own capabilities.

Expanding our sports facilities will add a new dimension to our school.  And allow us to develop further our commitment  to a well rounded education, where our students get to explore all of their talents, academic or sporting.   The sports hall will give us the opportunity to greatly improve our sporting provision, providing us with more indoor space where we can offer a wider variety of sports during any season.

The design of the building has been developed to create a flexible, multi-purpose space. 
It will be a concrete structure which will enjoy some natural light.  It is important to note that the building will not change the landscape of the school, and we will keep the outside playground.

La Garenne Development Fund

La Garenne is always looking at how the students school lives can be enhanced.  These include upgrading and maintaining our current facilities as well as our longer term building plans.  By donating to this plan you will contribute directly to our school vision of providing a safe and healthy environment for our students to learn in.

You can choose to make a one off donation or join our parents who donate annually and throughout the year.


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