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Extra Fees
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Extra Fees


Academics & Private Lessons
English As a Second Language - EAL (1st term) CHF 5'000
English As a Second Language - EAL (2nd term) CHF 4'500
English As a Second Language - EAL (3rd term) CHF 4'000
Non-Mainstream IB Languages TBC
Cambridge (Starters, Movers, Flyers) CHF 450
Cambridge (Ket & Pet) CHF 650
Cambridge (First & CAE) CHF 950
DELF Prim CHF 500
DELF (A1 & A2) CHF 550
DELF (B1 & B2) CHF 750
Learning Support CHF 100/45min
Academic (Maths, English, French) CHF 65/30min
Piano CHF 70/30min
Violin CHF 70/30min
Drums CHF 70/30min
Singing CHF 70/30min
Guitare CHF 70/30min
Horse-riding CHF 130/lesson
Tennis CHF 130/60min
Water Sports CHF 130/session
Ski Private Lessons CHF 130/60min

Clubs and Activities
Ski Academy TBC
Language clubs, Biking, Horse-riding, Golf, Dance, Robotics, Karaté, Self-Defense CHF 550/per term
All the other clubs CHF 250/ per term

LG UM Assistance waiting CHF 65/60min
LG Shuttle - Zurich CHF 890
LG Shuttle - Geneva CHF 600
LG Shuttle - Aigle CHF 80
All other demands will be invoiced separately
Educational School Trips
Europa Park CHF 500
Winter Expedition CHF 380
*extra school trips may be added during the school year
Photos Options

Package 20/30/50 pictures per term CHF 350/CHF 450/ CHF 650
Package 20/30/50 pictures for the year CHF 900/CHF 1'200/ CHF 1'800
ID pictures CHF 50
Photo book CHF 900

Naturopath CHF 450/per term
Osteopath CHF 150/per session
Massage CHF 150/per session
Beautician CHF 90/per session

Name tags CHF 250
Birthday CHF 250
Supplementary Nights CHF 230/per night
Computer rental fee CHF 20/per day
Rent of the ski uniform CHF 450
Extra Uniform see our price list
Concierge /Secretary Service/IT Support CHF 130/per H

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