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Grégory and Céline Méan


Grégory Méan, Director for several years, continues to uphold the La Garenne values, with his wife Céline Méan, a former student. Both of them continue to provide a warm family atmosphere and high academic standards in order that the students stand in good stead for their future.

Patrice and Wendy Méan

Previous Directors and Public Relations

Mr and Mrs Méan, former owners and directors, continue to work for the school. Mr Méan is responsible for the development of the school. Mrs Méan works in Public Relations. She continues to spend her time at school with all the students and the parents. She enjoys teaching private lessons.

Stephanie Méan

School Secretary

Mrs Mean has been working at la Garenne since 2015. She is responsible for maintaining contacts with the parents of our current and future students for the academic year as well as for La Garenne summer camp. Mrs Mean speaks fluent English and French.

Danielle Allard

Head of Primary School

Mrs. Allard from England, has been working at La Garenne since 2008 teaching all of the classes within Key Stage 1 & 2. She has implemented many new programmes including the IPC and Cambridge throughout the school as well as overseeing the day to day running of the Primary Section, Reception to Year 6.

Aurelia Thompson-McNicol

Head of Middle School

Raised in the Pyrenees where I specialized in sciences, then educated at La Sorbonne where I studied Arts, Art History and Esthetics. I am a creative and Language Arts specialist, working in international boarding schools for over 15 years, after a UK career in marketing. A synaesthete with Grapheme-color and Ordinal linguistic personification, I have focused on supporting High Potential linguist teenagers with agencies and communities such as Gifted and Talented London, Eton, and Libellule in Lausanne. I have always been passionate about stretching my students and peers through creative & inquisitive pathways, particularly enjoying the breadth of possibilities cross curricular projects always offer.

Adam Jozef

Head of Secondary School

Mr Jozef has a range of teaching experience including over ten years as an IB Diploma Programme Coordinator. He has taught in the Middle East, the UK and Germany and has held various positions of responsibility including three years as Head of a Secondary School. He also works as a School Visit Team Member and Workshop Leader on behalf of the International Baccalaureate organisation.

Jane Tysoe

Academic Assistant

Jane graduated with a degree in French and Education from Sussex University, and has taught in prestigious boarding Prep Schools in the UK as well as taking on roles of housemother, Head of Girls, and also as joint Head with her husband. She has been living in Switzerland for over 23 years, working as a teacher, housemother, Head of Juniors and Head’s wife at three renowned international schools.

Aaron Schmidtberger

Director of Admissions & Advancement

I am joining La Garenne School from a leading Swiss international day school and have a passion for leading the promotion of the Swiss and EU private schools I have served since moving from my native USA in 2005. I hold a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and assume responsibility for the Advancement & Admissions efforts as the School continues its ambitious growth vision and strategy. Together with my wife, Victoria, we are very much looking forward to returning to the Suisse Romande where we met, married, settled, and welcomed our two sons, Tasker & Orrin, more than a decade ago.

Robert Dorlin

Director of Marketing

A sports-loving Brit with a serious case of Wanderlust. After stints in London, Salamanca, Barcelona, Toronto, Copenhagen, and Zürich, I’ve discovered that home is everywhere and anywhere, as long as I have my family and my Stöcklis close by. I have always managed to work while indulging my passions, so most of my career has been in Education.

Louise Braidwood

Le Roc Houseparent

Stewart Spiers

Beau-Site Houseparent

Mylene Gacis

La Garenne Houseparent

Aurelie Marques

Health & Welfare Officer

Jérôme Burny

Head of Sport and Outdoor Education

Jerome Burny has been a member of the La Garenne Family since 2011, as Head of sports and expeditions, Jerome has integrated a variety of different sports activities for the students during their free time and weekends as well as upholding the academic requirements for sports curriculum throughout the school

Marco Marques

Responsable Logistique et Maintenance

Marco Marques has been a member of the La Garenne family since 2012, he is responsible for the school maintenance, safety and housekeeping department. One of our qualified bus drivers, Marco is also appreciated by all the students who he transports to their various meetings and activities throughout the year.



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