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Primary Assembly - Week 2

This week, in our primary school assembly we talked about the importance of Recycling, Reducing and Reusing.
The children were then given a challenge; in groups they had to recycle a plastic bottle into something to reuse in order to reduce waste. The children showed their creativity as well as super collaboration skills.
Well done to the Artists of the Week; Sasha, Aida and Nana and to our Stars of the Week; Momo, Lisa and Mary.


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Primary Assembly

The Primary students were happy to welcome Ilka, a meditation teacher who works at LG, into assembly on Monday to introduce them to mediation. 
We read the book, `Be Kind` by Pat Zietlaw Miller and set ourselves three acts of kindness to do this week: 
-Help a friend or member of staff
-Give someone a compliment
-Talk to/play with someone you haven't had a chance to yet
Each week we celebrate an artist from each class, well done to Ophelia for creating a beautiful wax rubbing using primary colours. Ruairidh for drawing a wonderful picture of the sea using just Line and Rustam for showing a superb understanding of Colour Theory.
We finished our assembly by singing and dancing along to GoNoodle - Can`t Stop This Feeling. 

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Academic Blog - July 2nd

To end the school year on high note, the MYP classes all visited the Grande Dixence barrage during the last week of term. MYP 1 and 2 have been looking at renewable energy and Switzerland is a major producer of Hydro-Electric Power (HEP). A field trip of this type brings home the scale of such projects, going beyond what we can learn from books, photographs and videos. The details below, from the official website, give us an idea of the scale of this project, which is situated at 2’365 metres altitude.

‘Situated at the head of the Val des Dix, Grande Dixence is the highest gravity dam in the world, and something of a record-breaker! The height of its wall, 285 metres, remains unmatched. Its weight, approximately 15 million tonnes, makes it heavier than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The dam is 200 metres wide at its base. At the top it «slims down» to just 15 metres’.

The Grande Dixence hydroelectric power complex generates some 2 billion kWh of power per year and accounts for 20% of Switzerland’s energy storage capacity. It provides enough electricity to power the equivalent of 500,000 homes and it accounts for 20% of Switzerland’s energy storage capacity. 

The students were able to visit the interior of the barrage and hiked in the surrounding area, with some breathtaking views. Many were adventurous enough to try the zip wire which has recently been set up at the summit of the dam. In all, a great day out to finish off the school year.

visit grande dixence 1 visit grande dixence 3 visit grande dixence 4

Academic Blog  - July 2nd

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Academic Blog July 2020 - End of the school year

The School Year 2019-2020 has now come to a close - and what an eventful year it has been! On Friday we had the final MYP assembly, during which the awards were made for academic points over the course of the 3rd Term. Congratulations to Jack, Hanna, Alexa and Angel for winning the points prizes for their respective classes. 

The periods of distance learning and then blended learning have been a challenge for teachers and students alike. I would like to thank all the teachers for their flexibility in adapting to the challenges of teaching in these very new circumstances. The vast majority of the students rose to the challenge and maintained a high level of application and resilience during the school closure. Some achieved outstanding results and showed their true qualities as independent learners. These skills will be vital for them as they move up through school. 

We are now looking forward to the School Year 2020-2021. We have exciting new projects for the coming academic year, not least of which is the move to Le Roc Campus for the Senior students in MYP 4 and 5. MYP 1-3 will also use the facilities in the new building, so everyone has plenty to look forward to! Have a great summer  - and see you in September!

end of year ceremony 8 end of year ceremony 7


Academic Blog July 2020 - End of the school year

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The importance of relationships

On Friday, during our Primary Assembly, we talked about the importance of relationships. We discussed that families come in different shapes and sizes and that they protect and love us. The children enjoyed talking about why their family is special to them and what creates a `happy home`.

We then spent some time thinking about friendships; the qualities that make a good friend, how we can resolve issues that arise in our relationships and how friendships can change over time. The Year 5 & 6 students helped remind the students about the importance of online safety, using their fabulous IT skills to produce a slideshow and quiz.
Well done to our Learners of the Week; Year 1 - Benedict, Year 2 - Ella, Year 3 - Oscar, Year 4 - Rustam, Year 5 - Momo & Year 6 - Eugenia.
We are proud of you all!

importance of relationships2 importance of relationships2 importance of relationships2

The importance of relationships

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