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Our students love their refurbished central library in the main teaching building ‘Academia’.  Located alongside classrooms, it is a welcoming space in which children discover the joys of reading for pleasure and learning.  Here, they develop the critical skills necessary in this information-rich world. 


Beyond the physical resources of the Library itself, we actively encourage all our students to develop a love of reading. This takes place both in the classroom and the boarding houses, where the students are given reading time in the evening.


The library has a breath-taking panoramic view of alpine peaks, study tables and well-organised shelves alongside a carpeted lounge area with sofas.  The print collection comprises world literature (novels, picture books, comic books, myths & legends, poetry, plays), magazines and up-to-date information books including Encyclopaedia Britannica and dictionaries.


Reading Cloud is the hub for an online reading community using the very latest technologies to capture imaginations- linking real and virtual reading experiences to drive up literacy standards and develop core reading skills.  Students independently search the child-friendly catalogue to discover our print resources and eBooks, all of which have been carefully selected to support the educational programme and/or encourage reading for pleasure. Prefects love to assist by processing new titles and returned loans. 


Collections of library books are circulated around school, refreshing collections in the boarding areas and classrooms.

The library plays its part in ensuring it’s cool to read at La Garenne!



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