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“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”
- Ignacio Estrada


At La Garenne we pride ourselves on being able to support students with mild to moderate learning needs as well as students who are gifted. Classroom teachers are sensitive to the needs of individual students and work closely with the Learning Support specialist to help identify, support and monitor children who may require additional support or extension and challenge. We strive to enable students to become independent learners and enhance the self-esteem and the self-image of the learner.


What Do We Do ?


  • enable students to become independent learners and to monitor their own progress
  • develop self-esteem and positive attitudes about school and learning
  • assist students to participate in the appropriate curriculum for their age
  • provide additional teaching and support
  • involve parents in supporting their children through effective communication
  • promote collaboration amongst teachers in the implementation of whole-school policies on learning support for students
  • develop appropriate individual teaching programmes 
  • intervene at the appropriate time in order to enhance learning and reduce difficulties in learning


In School Student Referral


Classroom teachers may refer a student to the Learning Support teacher who will conduct a  series of classroom based observation of the student. Parents will be contacted at this point. The use of CAT4 assessments in school, which measures the four main types of ability known to make a difference to learning and achievement, also provides the school with an independent perspective on potential pupil achievement, with reliable information for each child that will help identify where to provide extra support or set more challenging targets.


Classroom Support


The Learning Support teacher will work closely with the classroom teacher to ensure that each student is able to learn to their ability. Classroom teachers are given specific strategies to be used with individual students in the class setting. A Teaching Assistant is used in some cases in order to support the student in class.


Individual Educational Plan


An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is created for each child receiving support from the Learning Support teacher. Parents are informed of these plans and are asked to be involved in the process. The student will also take part in the planning of the IEP. Permission of the parents is always sought before any student receives learning support.


This plan may include:


  • Strengths/weaknesses (Mini section), functional limitations (MYP classes) 

  • Present level of performance in school

  • Measurable termly and annual goals

  • Lessons with the Learning Support teacher

  • Referral to external support and assessment

  • Assessment results

  • Diagnosis (if one has been made)

  • A statement of any individual accommodations 


Student progress will be monitored by the classroom teacher and the learning support teacher. The IEPs of students are regularly evaluated and updated accordingly.



Specialist Referral


The opinion of outside specialists is sought when necessary and with the parents permission. The school works closely with a team of local bilingual specialists at Cap’cham Villars. Payment of all costs for specialist testing by outside agencies is the responsibility of the parents. The school will assist in the communication between the parent and the therapist.

Although the result of specialist testing are the parents’ property, it is in the best interest of the child if all information from outside agencies is shared with the school.



Previous Assessments / Reports


In accordance with the admissions policy, all new students are required to inform the school of any learning difficulties.Students new to La Garenne may be referred to the Learning Support teacher and admitted into the learning Support programme based on previous school records and specialist reports that have identified specific learning difficulties. If existing records and reports are insufficiently detailed, the school may ask that additional assessments take place.



Emotional Needs:


Positive social and emotional development is the key to all learning. At La Garenne it is integrated and embedded in all that we do.

  • Our Learning Support specialist works closely with the head of boarding, parents and the school nurse in order to promote self-esteem and positive attitudes to school and learning.

  • Students are given workshops (age dependent) on various topics such as sexuality and mental health well being.

  • Students of all ages take part in PSHE lessons to promote personal, social and health education.





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