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We are a boarding school with place for 200 students of all ages. We do however also welcome a limited amount of local day students, which creates a unique and inspiring family atmosphere with links to the local community.

The Méan family, who run the school for almost 40 years, are in daily contact with the staff and students. Their investment in time and money is in the best interest of every student they welcome to the school.



Each boarding student is expected to follow the house rules. Living together with like-minded people in a multicultural community means that each student learns about other cultures, other food, other habits and other views on current issues and events. Together they look for solutions while taking other perspectives into consideration. That is how each La Garenne student becomes a global citizen and grows into a curious and caring individual.

Our Houseparents are well-trained and internationally experienced pastoral caretakers. Their role is crucial in the safe and comfortable boarding life of our students.

We stimulate students to explore their talents and interests. They can participate in a large variety of extracurricular activities. From music, visual arts and performing arts, to many different sports, in particular skiing and snowboarding in the winter. In our extracurricular section, you can get a glance at what we have on offer. 



Our size makes it possible to be flexible for each student to choose their particular interests and invest their time in what is important to them. Our Admissions Team can tell you all about it and is happy to answer your questions regarding the particular interests of your child.


Our location allows for our students to spend a lot of time outdoors in forests and  mountains. This includes skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer. There is nothing healthier than living an active outdoor life in the Swiss mountains, breathing clean air, and enjoying the magnificent views while studying hard and getting ready for the next phase, university. It is what truly makes us one of the best Boarding Schools in Switzerland



We aim to provide our students, your children, with care and attention to equal that of your own home environment. Houseparents offer a kind, empathetic ear to all students as they settle in. Community spirit and mutual support means we truly can say we create a home away from home, or as we like to say, a family away from home. Students are encouraged to make their bedrooms their own personal space, with mementoes from home, photographs and drawings. Of course we also expect students to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Learning to share space and time is all part of the learning curve and discipline.


Our core values and philosophy are embedded in pastoral care. Your child is treated as an individual. Home activities such as baking, games evenings, dinner together and even the traditional annual outing to choose a Christmas tree and drink hot chocolate are organised to build a sense of belonging and community. 






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