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“In having contact with animals, children will learn the joys of life, fun and optimism. Animals invite us to laugh and play, and in doing so this stimulates the secretions of endorphins in the brain which makes us happier and reduces pain and stress.” 

Dr. McCulloch


With the school farm we are proud to introduce the children to five hens, some rabbits, a goat and her kids. There will also be a beehive located 400 meters from the school, and next year an insect hotel. This is a really exciting time.


School farms can meaningfully impact a child’s development. A farm has the capacity to reinforce key concepts in their learning journey and can help them grow into more compassionate, caring and reflective human beings, while involving their five senses.


The benefits of the school farm include:


  • Developing a child's capacity to see in themselves a calling to nurture and care for the environment they live in, both locally and globally

  • Learning about the processes and systems at play in our natural world, helps understanding the needs of farmers, how life cycles work and the changes of the seasons

  • Gaining firsthand knowledge about important sustainable practices such as composting, water recycling and waste reduction

  • Learning becomes an authentic experience as the school farm provides students with the opportunity to connect what they have been learning in the classroom to real-world situations


The farm will be an enriching addition to the campus, for the whole community to enjoy.



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