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Health and Safety

Health and Safety



Switzerland, a country renowned for its security and stability, provides a healthy environment for your child. Situated on a sunny alpine plateau, La Garenne offers an education in spectacular surroundings and conditions. The school monitor on-site CCTV and access to areas of the campus is controlled using wristbands. With a staff to child ratio of 1:2, the dedicated team is able to maintain a positive and safe atmosphere as the children go about their daily activities. Our staff, including house parents who are responsible for boarders, are well trained to provide the stability and care that children receive at home with their own parents. We ensure that each child feels valued and receives individual attention.


The school has adopted a life model comprising of 4 pillars to ensure the daily wellbeing of your child: 
  • A balanced diet
  • Plenty of sleep
  • A variety of daily sports activities
  • A healthy mind
We have chosen the ELDORA group (food specialists providing balanced meals for schools and associations) to take care of all school meals. They are committed to:
  • Providing a varied and balanced menu
  • Using local products of high quality
  • Guaranteeing the highest levels of food production, hygiene, preparation and storage


We ensure that boarding students sleep between nine to ten hours per night, in modern and comfortable rooms. At the weekend, students have the opportunity to sleep longer. 

Physical exercise is essential and the students are strongly encouraged to participate daily: throughout the curriculum, during extra-curricular activities and expeditions. Further information may be viewed at this link.


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Our school is passionate about ensuring all students are supported around both their physical health and mindful happiness. For these reasons, the school offers the following health benefits:


  • Beauty session (beautician) 
  • Termly naturopath (based on the personal assessment of each child by a naturopathic specialist. Natural medicines, vitamins and oils are prescribed accordingly, to reinforce the immune system and improve general wellbeing)
  • Osteopath session 
  • Massage session (relaxing and sport massage)
  • Meditation session
The onsite Health Centre team, including a qualified nurse, welcome children 7/7 and are responsible for the following:
  • Health and Wellbeing of each student 
  • Educating our community on health and hygiene
  • Organising appointments at specialists
  • Accompanying children to the doctor
  • Monitoring and administering treatment and medication
  • Communication with parents and staff 
  • Monitoring each child’s growth (height/weight)
  • Updating allergy reports and arranging special dietary requirements

Staff members are trained each year in First Aid (BLS/AED). Practices and procedures on and off campus are carefully designed to minimise risk. School emergency procedures are well displayed around the school and rehearsed. La Garenne School is equipped with the latest safety and safe-play equipment. All school buildings have a defibrillator. Switzerland is renowned for its excellent medical training and hospitals utilise the latest technologies, guaranteeing quality care that is recognised throughout the world. Given our close proximity to the local doctor, we are able to care for a child promptly as soon as the first symptoms of illness appear. The school benefits from a wide network of health specialists (orthodontists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and psychologists), helping us provide the best possible care for your child. The paediatric department at Rennaz hospital is twenty km from school and the university hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) is forty minutes away. 



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