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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the English level required to join La Garenne School?

All students are welcome to apply to La Garenne. If their level of English is low in comparison with their peer group, additional lessons will be organised and the family informed in regards to the schedule and additional fees.

What are the nationalities at the school?

There are more than 30 nationalities from around the world. We also uphold a balance between the languages spoken.

We respect 12% maximum quota per nationality over the student body and 15% for students sharing the same mother tongue.

How much pocket money is allowed?

Year 1 - Year 6 - Between CHF 10 and CHF 20 per week

MYP1 - CHF 30 per week

MYP2 - MYP3  CHF 40 per week

MYP4 - CHF 50 per week

When may I contact my child?

You may contact your child during the official family contact times by telephone or Skype. The times for each Year group are:


Year 1-Year 6

Wednesday and Sunday during family time when students speak with their families.



Wednesday 20.00-21.00

Friday 16.30-21.00 (Excluding any activities)

Sunday 10.00-18.00 (Excluding any activities)



Monday – Friday 17.00-21.30 should a student not have an activity.

Saturday-No telephones authorised

Sunday- From 10.00-18.00 (Excluding any activities)

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Each student should have their own personal computer, an Apple Macbook computer with Microsoft Office installed (Word, Excel, Power Point).

How many children are in each class?

Class sizes are between 12 and 18 students

Lessons are adapted in regards to the level of the students and differentiated for their specific needs and abilities.

What additional languages are taught at La Garenne?

All the students follow an English curriculum as well as the French second language programme. There are additional private lessons available as well as language clubs for students in MYP1 and above. The languages available are Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, Italian, Greek and Spanish.


What are the IT/Computer regulations

Please refer to Computer Rules and Regulations here.

Do you organise school trips?

Global citizenship is further encouraged by school trips led by our experienced staff from around the world.

These trips are planned to complement and reinforce the academic programme, they are mandatory and are fully part of the academic programme.

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What extracurricular activities are on offer?

Almost thirty after-school Clubs are offered. These include sports appropriate to the seasons, arts and languages. For example: football, karaté, yoga, ballet, modern jazz, cooking, singing, photography, chess, cross-running, school show, drama and public speaking. Some activities incur an extra cost. Please see the extracurricular activities information: https://www.la-garenne.ch/en/life-at-la-garenne/clubs

When do the children ski?

During the winter season from January to March, they ski or snowboard three to four times per week.

What about the school laundry service?

Laundry is taken care of on a daily basis by our housekeeping team.

For students in MYP4, they are taught laundry skills, life skills, and start to do their own laundry from time to time.

What yearly programmes do you offer?

There are a variety of yearly programmes on offer, these include:

  • The Academic School Year
  • Summer Camp
  • Integration programme
  • Winter Camp

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When can I visit my child?

You may visit your child.  For organisational reasons we ask that you make a formal request, three days in advance , minimum.During the first two weeks of school in September, no weekend exeat is permitted as the students need to integrate the school.  Providing no mandatory activities are taking place (such as a termly mountain expedition), weekend leave starts on Friday at 16h30 and ends on Sunday at 18h00. You may also visit to take your child out for dinner for an evening should you so wish.

Is there an advantage to applying early to La Garenne, even two years before our planned entry date?

There is always an advantage in that we can help the student prepare academically for entry as well as work alongside the family for an easy integration process.

What do boarding students do at the weekend?

During the mornings the students have shopping time, homework, some additional academic activities and Skype/telephone time on a Sunday morning. The afternoons are normally off campus activities with swimming, climbing, expeditions or cultural visits to name but a few.

What are the clothes recommended for the school year programme?
How far is La Garenne from the nearest airport, and how can we reach school?

La Garenne is an hour and fifteen minutes from Geneva airport, it is best to come by car although there is a good public transport service, although limited in times.

Please refer to: https://www.la-garenne.ch/en/info/where-we-are

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