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C'est La Rentrée!

Or in English, Back to School!

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We are barely 10 days away from the school being filled with bustle, laughter and noise as our students return for the start of the new school year. While they've been away, we have been busy sprucing up the campus and getting everything ready for our biggest cohort of students ever.

This is a big year for La Garenne, as we will see our first International Baccalaureate graduates take their leave of us after completing their final exams. It's also the year when we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of La Garenne.

It's barely imaginable that not long after the war, La Garenne opened its doors to young children who had been sent here by their families to experience the clean, fresh air of the Alps. Now, we are home to 150 full-time students aged from just 5 all the way up to young adults aged 18.

Keep an eye out for news of our celebrations throughout the coming school year!
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