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One week countdown ...

It's back to school for all our staff

Staff and Greg Mean, Le Roc 29th August 2022

While our students are making the most of their last days of freedom, all of La Garenne's staff are back in school getting ready for the BIG arrivals weekend.

Today we have been learning about how teenagers' brains work, and why they (sometimes) behave like they do. We have also been looking at the importance of keeping students sociable, rested, stimulated and energised through outdoor learning, sport, reading and sleep. We talked about why it's good to talk, and what makes for meaningful conversations. And finally, we discussed how to keep our beautiful campus clean and tidy, without wasting precious energy and water.

These are the key themes which the Senior Leadership Team will be monitoring over the coming year. As director Grégory Méan said, we all have a part to play: the boarding and admin staff, our wonderful housekeepers and maintenance teams, the executives, our teachers and support staff, and last but not least, our students.

It promises to be an exciting year and we are all raring to go.

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